Sustainable Fashion - How you can do your bit.

Sustainable Fashion - How you can do your bit.

If you want to do your bit for sustainable fashion then make sure you choose wisely.  There is a lot of buzz about sustainable fashion - its a minefield for consumers.  Use natural fabrics they say, then you see how much resource is involved in dyeing them.  In my opinion the most sustainable pieces are the ones you buy, which make you feel great and you know you will wear over and over again. 

Sounds simple right!  But how many of us have items hanging in the wardrobe bought on a whim or picked up in a Sale which we just couldn't resist the discount?  Chances are that if you haven't worn them (in normal times) they either don't fit or are the wrong colour for you or both!

I am currently putting together atop tips for getting colour that is right for you - many of us are automatically drawn to colours that are right for us but sometimes as we get older and our colouring changes things that worked in the past just dont work now.  Register on our mailing list to make sure you get a copy or email me at

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