These have to be the most comfortable Jeans I have ever worn!  I started originally with the Navy but have had Black as a more 'dressy' denim.  I have now bought my second pair of Navy as the first pair had literally been worn to death.   Robell call them a power strethc denim and they certainly have great stretch and fit.  The faux fly means that tops sit nicely over them with no buttons or zip to spoil the look.  I never thought I would wear a pull on trouser until I found Robell- I am now a convert.  Please be aware that most ladies find they drop a size - whats not to like!!  

They may not be the cheapest jeans you will ever buy but I would be amazed if they don't become your favourite! The old saying of judging the cost of a garment by thinking about cost per wear really does ring true with these - I probably owe mine money !!

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